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The Little Medics Training Programme


The Little Medics Training Program adds an additional level of essential life skills to our children’s education programme. We take this resource to any school where teachers are looking for an opportunity to boost the knowledge of simple but essential practices that can be carried out from any age in order to save lives and promote confident behaviour in an emergency situation.



Given the adaptability of our programme we can tailor the course duration to whatever is most suitable for the age of the students.


We have created interesting and informative deliveries designed to hold the attention of each child over a 45 minutes session. We can provide a timetable of sessions to include all of the school’s classes in both half and full day options.



Our Little Medics will learn the important implications of a medical emergency and some of the correct processes that they can carry out when those situations arise, including:


  • Calling the Emergency Services
  • Taking action in an emergency
  • Casualty Assessment
  • Administering CPR by hand
  • Putting a casualty into the recovery position
  • How to treat minor injuries



Each child will be presented with their own certificate during an award ceremony, which they can proudly show off to parents, family members and friends — they will also take away the important information that might just save a life someday! They will also receive an information booklet reminding them of all the things they’ve learned as a reminder of how to behave and the importance of looking out for the safety and well being of those we care about.


Group Courses:

Currently our Little Medics Programme is offered to existing and potential new customers as a complimentary scheme.

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