Blended Learning


What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning is now available to organisations and individuals who are looking to achieve a first aid qualification,  but may find it difficult to attend the certain dates or times in the traditional face to face courses.

You still need to complete an element of the course in the classroom as it is recognised that first aid is predominantly a practical skill which can only be trained and assessed in the classroom. If your an employer you will need to carry out a risk assessment on the type of course needed and the suitability of using blended learning. If you decide blended learning is acceptable  you need to ensure time is set aside for your staff to complete the on line training within their work time in a suitable learning environment.

How much of the course can be completed by blended learning?

Paediatric First Aid (Level 3) 12 hours – 6 hours classroom / 6 hours on line

First Aid at Work (Level 3) 18 hours – 12 hours classroom / 6 hours on line

Emergency First Aid (Level 3) 6 hours – 4 hours classroom / 2 hours on line

Are there any time limits?

Yes, you will need to complete the classroom training within 6 weeks of completing the on line section.

How does Blended learning work in practice?

Step 1 – Make arrangements to book the classroom training in advance with us.
Step 2 – Book and pay for the Blended Learning.
Step 3 – You will receive a link and password to access your on line training.
Step 4 – Work through the sections via your PC, tablet or phone.
Step 5 – When your ready, complete the final on line assessment.
Step 6 – You will be notified instantly if you pass with your e certificate.
Step 7- Attend your practical training and bring your e certificate with you.

Please notify us in advance if you suffer any disabilities which may affect your ability to complete the training successfully. We have a responsibility to make any special considerations during training.

Course Cost (Including the classroom element)
Paediatric First Aid – £ 89.00 (per person)
First Aid at Work – £ 200.00 (Per Person)

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Blended Learning

We like to be transparent which is why prices have been listed, but please contact us for individualised quotes for your own course requirements.

we have specified the difference between qualifications accredited by OFQUAL and our own internal certification – the only difference are the prices.

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